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Leather Passport Holders

Minimalist Passport Travel Wallets without the frills

Behind our Designs

With our placemat collection, we chose a durable and sustainable material that adds another visual dimension to our existing modern and minimal tableware collection. A contemporary twist to an otherwise traditional material, our asymmetrical shapes captures the attention and is a sure conversation starter.

Essentials Only

The cork material has natural heat insulating and anti-bacterial properties. Easy to clean and waterproof, it's the perfect low maintenance way to protect your table from hot drinks and messy eaters. We paired a natural cork layer with the smoked cork layer for improved flexibility and durability.

Where Our Leather Comes From

Growing and harvesting cork takes decades of preparation. Each cork tree lives for over 300 years, but can only be first harvested after 25 years and re-harvested once every 9 years. The first materials from each harvest is shipped out to create wine stoppers, with the trimmings during the process made into other cork goods.

Our Production Process

Our production process starts from receiving the recycled cork trimmings that have been shaped into pliable sheets. The dark layer of cork is naturally smoked so that it retains a beautiful brown colour and is then glued to the light layer with non-toxic glue. Each sheet is cut into our custom mould, then finished and checked by hand by our makers for imperfections.

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